liferyze is the place where passionate people live!

What is liferyze?
liferyze helps people make connections and grow their networks. You can network to grow your business, build your career and life. Or just keep in touch with friends.

Why is it called liferyze?
Because it's about people helping each other 'rise up' through quality networking.

As the world's largest living collection of shared experiences and the premier passions-based network, liferyze is a comfortable and supportive place for individuals to share and connect with others around the things that matter to them most.

liferyze is the definitive online social conversation destination for people to connect with others who really get "it".

Everyone has experiences to share.
People are not defined by a single experience, but are a product of all of their experiences.
The more experiences we share with one another, the deeper the understanding between us.
Everyone faces situations where talking with people who "just get it" can be incredibly powerful.

On liferyze, members can create their own website with blogs, photos, videos, events and many other functions that can be shared with friends. It is thus the ultimate tool for communication and connecting with your social network.

liferyze is the first social network based upon who you are and not who you know.

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